Interesting in attending an event in The Legend Series?

Click this link to receive information about purchasing tickets to future events.

What to expect

The Legend Series events are pop-ups, with a twist: when you purchase a ticket you will not know the location of the event, the menu, the concept, the entertainment, the music – NOTHING! All we’ll tell you are the chefs involved, an approximate location of the event and suggested attire.

The morning of the event we will send you an email with location details such as directions and parking information as well as any other details we think you should know.

We ask that you bring a sense of adventure and an open mind to our events. Because each event only happens once and is totally unique, there will likely be a few kinks related to the venue. Lighting might not be perfect; the temperature might not be ideal; and there could be unexpected issues with things like electricity.

We try to alert you in advance if we anticipate any issues with the venue so you can be prepared. For example, we’ll suggest you bring a jacket if the weather will be cool, or we’ll advise ladies to wear flats if we will be in a grassy area. However, you can be sure that unexpected snafus will occur! Please be flexible and know that we will do our best to rectify any situation that may arise.

Dietary restrictions

Each event in The Legend Series offers a predetermined set menu. We will not release the menu in advance of the events.

Due to the pop-up nature of the events we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions or menu substitutions of any kind. However, if you have allergies or questions about the dishes on offer please do not hesitate to ask a server for details and s/he will find an answer from the chefs.

Ticketing process

Please click the link at the top of the page to add your name and email address to our mailing list.

Tickets go on sale about a month before each event. About a week before tickets are released we will send you a detailed email with instructions on purchasing tickets.

The number of tickets released for each event depends on the event venue and other factors and is different for each event.

Please note that the events sell out in seconds so we advise you to be at your computer the moment tickets are released. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Tickets are processed through Eventbrite. If you are attempting to purchase tickets and the ticket status says “Pending” it means tickets may still be available. Please continue to reload the page and tickets may become available. Tickets are only sold out once the status says “Sold Out.”


The price for each event varies but each ticket includes all food, beverages, entertainment, taxes and gratuity. Eventbrite also charges a processing fee.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of our events The Legend Series does not issue refunds for cancellations. However, tickets are transferable.  If you cannot attend the dinner and you wish to transfer your tickets please contact us with new guest information prior to the event. Transfer of funds for your tickets is your responsibility.

Waiting list

Because tickets are non-refundable, once an event is sold out, no additional tickets will become available for the event.


We only allow approved media outlets to photograph and cover events in The Legend Series. If you’d to attend an event as a representative of the press, please email to obtain press credentials. Unapproved photographers will be asked to leave. Jacksonville Magazine is the official media partner of The Legend Series.


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