The Legend Series Five @ Dee Dot Timberlands



The fifth event in The Legend Series took place the evening of Saturday, January 26th at Dee Dot Timberlands.

The event was in partnership with Jim Draper and his Feast of Flowers project.

Courses were prepared by Chef Sam Efron of Taverna; Chef Waylon Rivers from Black Sheep; Chef Tom Gray of Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails; Chef Scotty Schwartz of 29 South; and Chef Brian Siebenschuh of Orsay.

The meats were hunted at Dee Dot Timberlands and the greens, herbs and spices were foraged in the woods and wilds of Northeast Florida by Asheville-based wildharvesters Katrina Zoe Norbom and Eric Hawes.

Each course was paired with beer from Intuition Ale Works, which sponsored the event.

Guests were entertained by Braided Light Dance Project and cellist Na’arah Strokosch.

Photos courtesy Agnes Lopez of Pose Well Studios.

The event will be featured in the March issue of Jacksonville Magazine.

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